How It Works?
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by

It Is Very Simple: We "Match" your "Resume" against a database of registered and human verified recruiters and employers that best match your industry and regional preferences.

Resume Distribution By Invitation™
Resumes Are Never Sent Unsolicited™

Registered Hiring Companies receive resumes only "By Invitation" When your resume is received by a Hiring Company, it will be welcomed and read immediately.

Click on Get Started and open an account
Run an industry and state match
Paste your resume
De-select companies
Select a package
and you are done!

Run and see how many recruiters and employers match your industry.

We strive to keep this site simple and at the same time not become obscure.

  1. We provide detailed resume distribution report. Jobseekers can view statistics such as which employers have viewed their resume, which employers have ranked them highly (or not) and more.
  2. We provide detailed company information including: Who, When and How Many companies received your resume. Name of the contact person, phone, fax and mailing address of each company who recieved your resume.
  3. Jobseekers can use the secure online messaging system to both send and reply to messages without the hassles and risks of e-mail
  4. The matching employers are saved to the Jobseekers' account. This data can be accessed online 24/7 by jobseekers. More than just a list, the "Agent" is a searchable, dynamic system that enable employers to more quickly find qualified candidates.
  5. Each matching employer is sent an email which contains the jobseeker's position, State, Salary Desired and a link to the resume. This email is only a reminder - the jobseeker's resumes and criteria are ALWAYS available to employers even if they misplace the email.
  6. Employers login to their "Agent", using the powerful search and sort capabilities to find the most qualified candidates. Employers may also take advantage of our secure, online messaging system to send messages directly to the jobseeker's agent.
  7. ResumeViper promotes your resume and career specifications utilizing a relational database located in a world-class secure hosting facility.
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Industry Facts

Our Solution


Recruiter and HR managers receive over 200 resumes per day through resume distribution services. 98% of the resumes received by HR managers are never read and are deleted.
  • Our advanced system makes it easy for recruiters and HR managers to read, manage and contact jobseekers.
  • Our technology saves your resume for 6 MONTHS.
  • 100% of our resumes are delivered and are saved for future use.
  • No online access to list of companies who received your resume
  • No "Agent"
  • Extra charge for list of companies who received your resume.
  • Employers delete the e-mail and your resume is lost forever.
  • Your resume is never saved and made available for future use.
  • Over 90% of the resumes are never read.
Confidential Messaging System: Recruiters/HR Managers and jobseekers highly prefer and love our confidential messaging board.
  • Our advanced messaging system allows jobseekers and employers to communicate with each other in a confidential manner.
  • Eliminates the risks associated with e-mail. Employers can contact candidates while they work.
  • Do not offer
Resume Format: Recruiters and HR managers prefer HTML formatted resumes that are easy to read as opposed to flat (ASCII) e-mail text files.
  • A well formatted resume allows qualifications and skills to stand out.
  • Before your resume is sent out it is converted to a FLAT TEXT file, thus making it very hard for HR managers to read your resume.
Recruiters & Employer Info.: Jobseekers love this feature.
  • We provide Jobseekers a detailed list and description of each company where their resume was sent.
  • Jobseekers can research recruiters and direct hiring companies and make intelligent decisions about their career.
  • Do not offer
One Site ShopT: Based on our research recruiters and HR managers highly prefer a One Site ShopT solution where they can receive, manage and contact jobseekers directly.
  • Our site is designed to provide a one stop solution making the hiring process a breeze.
  • We enable employers to make intelligent hiring decisions.
  • Do not offer
Interview Set Up: Recruiters and HR managers prefer to setup an online interview.
  • Employers can login, search for qualified candidate(s), and schedule interviews online
  • Jobseekers will see these requests in their agent and can respond either online or through traditional means.
  • Do not offer
Same Day Delivery: Your resume is sent out within 24 hours, in most cases in less than 4 hours.   As soon as your resume is sent out, you will gain immediate access to a detailed activity report outlining:
  1. Confirmation from Recruiters and Employers 

  2. Free access to Recruiter and Employer list (other services charge for this service)

  3. Instant confidential messages from recruiters and employers who would like to talk to you

  4. We allow you to contact recruiters and employers directly who are interested in your background - Free (other sites charge for this service)

  5. Instant notification to you if an employer or a recruiter would like to set up an interview

  6. Ability to confirm interview dates/times in a real-time environment

  7. and much more...

Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by