How It Works?
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by

How The System Works?'s Affiliate Partners Program is very easy to join, easy to administer and pays the highest rate in the industry.

We will pay you up to 30% commission on every sale generated through your referral!

Here is how it works:

  • When you sign up as an affiliate the system will generate a unique Affiliate Code as seen below.
  • Simply pass it on to anyone who might be in the job market—more people use your affiliate code more money you will make, it is that simple.
  • Anytime someone signs up for our service and uses your affiliate code, he/she will receive a 10% discount on all our services and you in return will earn 30% commission on 100% value of the sale—your account will automatically be credited for the commission.
  What Do I Do With My Affiliate Code?
Your Affiliate Code is your unique identification number - every time anyone logs in and enters your Affiliate Code your account is automatically credited.  It is that simple.   Simply pass out your Affiliate Code to as many people as you can.  
  How Do My Clients Benefit From Using My Affiliate Code?
Your clients will receive a 10 Percent Discount on all our service.  Further, this will not affect your commission structure - you will still receive your commission on 100 percent value of the sale.
  How Can I Market This Service?
It is simple.  We provide you will all the necessary marketing materials that you can download and place in your office or pass it out to your clients.
  • Banners for your website
  • Download Brochure
  • Download Flyer
  • Download Poster
  • Download Vcards
  When Do I Get My Check?
Checks are mailed every 1st Monday of each quarter.  
  Why Should I Promote's Products?
  • By promoting we in return bring you credibility, scaleability and most of all additional revenue.
  • If you have a business and a website we will give you free link to one of the most popular career site ( with over 5 million visitors per month).
  • Just consider us as the Cadillac of the resume distribution industry.
  • We are the best in the industry - don't be fooled by imitators.
  • We have been in the employment industry since 1993.
  • offers a comprehensive and complete solution to jobseekers and employers and is in sync with nations employment needs.
  • We have spent thousands of countless hours perfecting our system.  We constantly stay abreast with industry trends to bring jobseekers, employers, recruiters and affiliates a complete turn key environment.   
  If you still have any further questions please call us at Toll Free - 1-800-898-0969

Mon. - Fri.  8 AM - 9  PM Eastern Standard Time
Saturday   10 AM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time

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LET US MAKE THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOU:  By simply linking your site to one of the most effective resume distribution services on the Internet, you can add value to your site, and generate revenue at the same time!

Earn A Generous Referral Fee of 30% - other services only offer 20%.  Our average sale is $92.33.  Our Referral Program has had great success and some of our best Affiliates make over  $1000/month based on their referral efforts.

  • Commission: pays up to  30% an average of $27.69 on every sale that is generated by your referral. 
  • We Do The Work: We have spent thousands of countless hours designing this site keeping only one thing in mind i.e. to make the whole process as simple as possible.  
    • By becoming an affiliate you gain access to your own personal agent, providing you with 24/7 activity report.  

      Your daily report will include:

      • Number of accounts referred
      • Commission earned by each month
      • Commission earned to date
      • Date when the check was mailed with the check amount and number
  • Unlike many other Affiliate programs, we do NOT require our Affiliates to meet sales quotas in order to receive referral fees. 
  • Commissions are paid monthly. 

We have 3 packages available starting at $59, $89, and $129. With an average sale of $92.33 your commission would be as follows:

Number of orders per month Percentage You Receive Commission Per Month
Place 1 order per month and receive 30% $27.69
per order
per month
There is no limit and no cap on how much you can earn. There is no quota and no penalty.

What would you do with an extra $600 to $1000 a month?

Please Note: We issue affiliate checks for $1,000s of dollars every quarter. What you earn is up to how hard you promote the service!

Increase Your Website Revenue
Your website is an investment. We understand the costs that are associated with ISP services and additional costs keeping up with technology. Whatever the purpose is of your website, why not utilize your web presence to refer some of your friends and visitors to us? All you have to do is LINK UP and direct prospective visitors to us and Generate Extra Revenue.

Why Work With Us? is committed to being the preeminent provider of single source for resume distribution services nationally and internationally with 1,000s General/Executive/Specialty Recruiters and Direct Hiring Companies registered.  Our firm has grown from a vision, into one of the leading resume distribution firms. Our goal, to be the undisputed leader in our professional industry practice requires:

  • Providing superior service, reliability and customer responsiveness
  • Continuously improving our knowledge through close interaction with our markets
  • Advancing and expanding our network of services and technologies offered
  • Developing long term relationships with customers who value service

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Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by
Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by Resume Distribution for hot, hidden jobs by